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Our 2019 Fall Fun Hunt

The 2019 Fall Fun Hunt was enjoyed by all. We had 14 runs. Everyone had a good time, lots of good dog work and lots of fun. Thank you all who participated, we enjoyed each and everyone. I big thank you goes to Mike Kibby for judging and photography and Doss Cheek for bird planting! We have pheasants and chukars available. The season has begun.

Pointing dog division 1st place winner: Kevin Hart with Luke Jr

2nd place winner: Kevin Hart with Gretchen

3rd place winner: Jason Randal with Shelley

4th place winner: Tie Mike Peden with Maggie and Bram Doss with Wagner

Flushing dogs division

1st place winner: Tom Carter with Cole(black lab)

2nd place winner: Tom Carter with Ella(yellow lab, Cole's mother)

3rd place winner: Todd Carter with Kane (black lab, Cole's brother). The Labs did a great job. Ella's puppies are the best!

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