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PUPPIES & planned litters

We are extremely selective in our breeding program and typically have a maximum of two litters per year. Von Weider Kennels have been breeding German Shorthaired Pointers for over 25 years. We select for breeding only dogs which will further our goal of producing elite hunting dogs with the temperament to be a great in home family companion. Our puppies have been placed in hunting homes all over the country.

We work hard to give our puppies a great start in life. We believe it is very important to socialize them to people, including children. We utilize the wonderful facilities we have to give them as many experiences as we can in their young lives before going home with their new families. We have a strong preference to place our puppies with families that will hunt them regularly and will enjoy their company in the house.

Please call contact us for more information about our health and genetic guarantees.

We test all of our breeding dog's hips and get them certified with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals. We believe in doing everything possible to ensure we are protecting the breed we love so much from genetic problems.​​

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