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Training sessions are available starting July 1, 2019. Reservations may be accepted in June.
If you are interested in the training program, we invite you to come check us out in person. We would be happy to give you a tour of the facility, let you observe field training in progress and show you some of our dogs who have completed the program. We encourage you to ask questions about anything we have not covered in this brief summary of the training program. We will gladly supply references upon request.
We look forward to seeing you in the field.

Over the last 30+ years, George Daniels has developed a very structured "board in" training program which typically takes 12 weeks to complete. Each animal coming into the training program is accepted on a two week evaluation period. At the end of the two weeks, the animals' progress is discussed with the owner and the goals reviewed. We typically like to start working with a dog at or around the age of six months.


The program is structured to build on lessons learned throughout the training, but is flexible enough to work with each animals strengths and weaknesses in order to produce the best results possible. It has been our experience that programs with a "one size fits all" approach produce "wash-outs." We don't believe in "washing-out" family members and sometimes the training may go more quickly or slowly depending on the animal.

We train both Retrievers and Pointing Breeds (German Shorthaired Pointers, Wirehaired Pointers, Vizslas, English Pointers, Brittneys and English Setters, etc.). During the training program, your dog will live in our heated kennel facility as one of our own.

The program has been developed to produce a reliable, obedient partner in the field that performs their job effectively and enthusiastically, in other words, a dog you are proud to hunt with. A dog that has completed the training is expected to work the field smartly, find and point birds, hold until flush and retrieve to hand. All dogs are whistle and e-collar conditioned during the program.

We specialize in Pointing Dog Training, Retriever Training, and Advanced/Specialized Training.  We customize each training programs to best suit your dog and your needs.  

Pointing Dog Training

Obedience - This is the foundation of the program. We start out teaching pointing dogs 'heel' and 'whoa'. The animal must demonstrate strict compliance to both commands, on and off leash, before moving on. Introduction to the whistle occurs in this stage.

Retrieving - "Conditioned Retrieve" brings fetch to a command level. Our dogs are bred with a strong natural retrieving instinct, but it's important to make sure your hunting partner will retrieve to hand a shot bird even when the cover is thick or the water is cold.

Field Work - This is where gun conditioning occurs and the animal is introduced to bird work. Your dog will have many birds shot over them in this phase of training. This is where it all comes together. Your dog will be steady on point and enthusiastically retrieving by the end of this final phase of training. Your dog will be introduced to water retrieves and also a variety of game birds, including Pheasant. Field work begins in our five acre "Puppy Field" and eventually moves out to our hunting fields to introduce them to cover they are more likely to see in the field. We strongly encourage owners to participate in this phase of training as much as possible to help 'train' the owner on how to reinforce the elements taught throughout the program. All dogs are introduced to the e-collar in this phase of training. 

Retriever Training

Obedience - We start out teaching retrievers 'heel', 'sit' and 'down'. The animal must demonstrate compliance to all commands on and off leash before moving forward in the program. Introduction to the whistle occurs at this stage.

Retrieving - "Conditioned Retrieve" brings fetch to a command level. 

Field Work - Retrievers can either be trained to work in the "blind" or as an "upland flusher". Your dog will learn to retrieve shot birds in both water and on land. "Upland flushers" will work on scenting and flushing game as well as retrieving shot birds. They will be exposed to a variety of birds, including Pheasant. "Blind" work is done on our ponds with an authentic duck blind. Dogs are exposed to marking downed birds. Arrangements can be made to receive training in both. In either instance, the animal is conditioned to the gun in this phase. As with pointers, we encourage owners to participate in this phase of training as much as possible. All dogs are introduced to the e-collar in this phase of training.

Advanced & Specialized Training

Obedience - Advanced training is available for both pointing dogs (honoring, steady to wing, etc.) and retrievers (doubles, blind retrieves, etc.).


Conditioning training - Conditioning consists of "roading" the animal (in a harness attached to an atv) to increase stamina and gain muscle. Not only does this get your dog in better shape, but they love it! Roading conditioning is a method to increase a dogs stamina and strength. Using this method, we can systematically increase the time/distance a dog runs, thereby safely getting them in shape. The setup ensures dogs cannot be run over and the hook ups are elastic in case a dog were to fall. We take periodic breaks and utilize the many spring fed ponds on the property to ensure proper hydration and avoid over-heating. The dogs absolutely love it.

Refresher or "Tune Up" training is popular as well. Please call George to discuss your specific goals.

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